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Image of Phantoms "CRASHABLANCA"

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8 Song CD

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Brothers, and underground CT music scene veterans, Nick and Charlie Bellmore have teamed up with members: Tim Smith, and Andy Orio to form PHANTOMS. As PHANTOMS they have succeeded in writing the heaviest, and most culminating music they have written to date. PHANTOMS debut album “Crashablanca” is the realization of their hard work and determination. Drawing on multiple influences and genres, PHANTOMS music whirls around, not trying to follow the same footstep twice but trying to remain heavy and intense with each move. This powerful debut shows the band for who they are and what they will be. “Crashablanca” has been an in-house work as it was recorded at drummer Nick Bellmore’s Dexter’s Lab and has been worked through to make it sounds the absolute best it can. PHANTOMS recently singed with Martyr records and with the record due out in May, the band cannot wait to release this music onto the scene and tour soon after the release. The members of PHANTOMS had a vision, that vision is “Crashablanca”, and it is finally here.